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Cashfree Inbound Webhook‚Äč

This API receives the webhook from Cashfree and updates the payment transactions.

Request Body required
    data object required
    order object required
    order_id string required

    The unique identifier for the order

    order_amount number required

    The amount of the order

    order_currency string required

    The currency of the order

    order_tags object

    Any additional tags for the order

    payment object required
    cf_payment_id integer required

    The payment identifier from Cashfree

    payment_status string required

    Possible values: [SUCCESS, FAILED]

    The status of the payment

    payment_amount number required

    The amount of the payment

    payment_currency string required

    The currency of the payment

    payment_message string

    The payment message

    payment_time date-time required

    The timestamp of the payment

    bank_reference string required

    The bank reference for the payment

    auth_id string

    The authentication identifier (used for cards)

    payment_group string required

    The payment group

    payment_method object required
    card object required

    The payment channel

    card_number string

    The masked card number

    card_network string

    The card network

    card_type string

    The card type

    card_sub_type string

    The card sub-type

    card_country string

    The issuing country of the card

    card_bank_name string

    The name of the card-issuing bank

    customer_details object required

    The name of the customer

    customer_id string

    The unique identifier for the customer

    customer_email string

    The email address of the customer

    customer_phone string

    The phone number of the customer

    error_details object nullable
    error_code string

    The error code

    error_description string

    The error description

    error_reason string

    The reason for the error

    error_source string

    The source of the error

    error_code_raw string

    The raw error code

    error_description_raw string

    The raw error description

    payment_gateway_details object required
    gateway_name string

    The name of the payment gateway

    gateway_order_id string

    The order ID from the payment gateway

    gateway_payment_id string

    The payment ID from the payment gateway

    gateway_status_code string

    The status code from the payment gateway

    gateway_settlement string

    The settlement information from the payment gateway

    payment_offers array nullable
    event_time date-time required

    The timestamp when the event occurred

    type string required


    The type of webhook event


Cashfree webhook received and processed successfully