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Pinelabs Inbound Webhook‚Äč

This API receives the webhook from Pinelabs and updates the payment transactions.

Request Body required
    event_name string required

    Possible values: [payment.captured, payment.failed]

    The name of the event being processed.

    merchant_response object required
    merchant_id string required

    The ID of the merchant associated with the transaction.

    payment_mode string required


    The payment mode used for the transaction.

    merchant_access_code string required

    The access code for the merchant.

    unique_merchant_txn_id string required

    The unique ID assigned to the transaction by Nimbbl.

    pine_pg_txn_status string required

    The status code of the transaction from the Pine PG.

    txn_completion_date_time string required

    The date and time when the transaction was completed.

    captured_amount_in_paisa string required

    The amount captured for the transaction in paisa.

    refund_amount_in_paisa string required

    The amount refunded for the transaction in paisa.

    txn_response_code string required

    The response code of the transaction.

    amount_in_paisa string required

    The total amount of the transaction in paisa.

    txn_response_msg string required

    The response message for the transaction.

    acquirer_name string required

    The name of the acquirer.

    pine_pg_transaction_id string required

    The transaction ID assigned by Pine PG.

    rrn string required

    The Retrieval Reference Number associated with the transaction.

    masked_card_number string required

    The masked card number used for the transaction.

    card_holder_name string required

    The name of the card holder.

    salted_card_hash string required

    The salted hash of the card information.

    parent_txn_status string

    The status of the parent transaction.

    parent_txn_response_code string

    The response code of the parent transaction.

    parent_txn_response_message string

    The response message of the parent transaction.

    transaction_id string required

    The unique ID of the transaction.


Pinelabs webhook received and processed successfully