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Nimbbl client .NET API

The API follows the following practices.

  • Options are passed as Objects instead of multiple arguments wherever possible
  • All requests and responses are communicated over JSON.
  • A minimum of .Net 4.5 is required.


From NuGet

Install-Package Nimbbl.Sdk.Rest -Version 1.3.3

From DLL

Please reach out to us if you do not want to use NuGet and want to install manually

  1. Project -> Add Project Reference.
  2. Browse to the folder and Add.

Sample screenshot on how to add a reference to the DLL



Sample App

You can find the Gitlab link to the sample app here


On DotNet

Follow the below steps to create an order and fetch the order_id

  1. Import Nimbbl SDK
  2. Create Client
  3. Create Order Request Parameters.
  4. Pass the request parameters to create the order.
  5. Pass the order_id generated to the front end


Imports Nimbbl.Sdk.Rest

Nimbbl.Sdk.Rest.INimbblClient client1 = new NimbblClient(new
Config("", API_Key, API_Secret)); // You will get
the API_Key and API_Secret from

Create Connection

Nimbbl.Sdk.Rest.INimbblClient client1 = new NimbblClient(new
Config("", API_Key, API_Secret));

Create Order

var orderRequest = new OrderRequest();
orderRequest.AmountBeforeTax = 1;
orderRequest.Currency = "INR";
orderRequest.InvoiceId =
//Invoice-ID should be unique
orderRequest.Tax = 0;
orderRequest.TotalAmount = 2;
orderRequest.ReferrerPlatform = "dotnet";
orderRequest.MerchantShopfrontDomain = "";
orderRequest.User = new User();
orderRequest.User.Email = "";
orderRequest.User.MobileNumber = "xxxxxxxxxx";
orderRequest.ShippingAddress = new ShippingAddress();
orderRequest.ShippingAddress.Address1 = "Address";
orderRequest.ShippingAddress.Street = "Street1";
orderRequest.ShippingAddress.Landmark = "Landmark 1";
orderRequest.ShippingAddress.Area = "Area 1";
orderRequest.ShippingAddress.City = "City 1";
orderRequest.ShippingAddress.State = "WB";
orderRequest.ShippingAddress.Pincode = "700095";
orderRequest.ShippingAddress.AddressType = "OFFICE";
// Console.Write()
Nimbbl.Sdk.Rest.Order order = client1.Orders.Create(orderRequest); // We will get an orderID as a response.

Pass Order to Frontend

//Pass ordeR_id as a label to the front end. The example below is for aspx
lblorderID.Text = order.OrderId

On Frontend

Follow the below steps to create an order and fetch the order_id

  1. Capture the order_id passed from backend
  2. Configure the Options to launch checkout
  3. Launch checkout.js

Capture Order_ID from backend

<asp:Label runat="server" ID="lblorderID"></asp:Label>

Configure the options and Launch Checkout

<script type="text/javascript"
<script type="text/javascript">
function helloWorld() {
var OrderID = document.getElementById('<%=lblorderID.ClientID%>').innerHTML;
var order_id = OrderID
var options = {
"access_key": "YOUR KEY", // Enter the Key ID generated from the Dashboard
"order_id": OrderID, // Enter the order_id from the create-order api
"callback_handler": function (response) {
if (response.status==="success")
{// Enter the call back url below
window.location.href = "" +
"?nimbbl_order_id=" + response.nimbbl_order_id +
"&nimbbl_transaction_id=" + response.nimbbl_transaction_id +
"&nimbbl_signature=" + response.nimbbl_signature +
"&status=" + response.status
window.checkout = new NimbblCheckout(options);;// Launches the checkout