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Get Order [v3]‚Äč

This API returns the data of order .

Query Parameters
    order_id any

    The order_id for which the payment is being made

    invoice_id any

    The invoice_id for which payment is being made


When the order is successfully fetched, the response will be as below

    order_date string

    This is the date and time at which the order was created in UTC

    order_id string

    This is the unique order_id generated by Nimbbl for the invoice_id shared by you. This will be used in subsequent API calls

    status string

    Possible values: [new]

    This is the status of the order, at the time of order creation, this will always be

    invoice_id string

    This is your internal unique reference identifier for this order

    user object

    This is the user information fetched from Nimbbl depending on the user details shared during the create order API call

    user_id string

    This is the unique identifier for the consumer on Nimbbl

    mobile_number string

    This is the mobile number of your consumer shared by you

    country_code string

    This is the country code as defined by the Internation Telecom Union

    email string

    This is the email address of your consumer stored at Nimbbl

    first_name string

    This is the first name of your consumer stored at Nimbbl

    last_name string

    This is the last name of your consumer stored at Nimbbl

    attempts integer

    This is the number of payment attempts made on this order, for a new order this will be 0

    max_retries string

    This field denotes the max_retries allowed for the customer to retry the payment

    currency string

    This is the currency code in ISO-4217 format

    amount_before_tax double

    This is the amount before tax for your entire cart amount

    tax double

    This is the tax amount for your entire cart amount

    total_amount double

    This is the total amount inclusive of taxes for your entire cart amount

    order_line_items object[] nullable

    This contains the cart items so that they can be displayed on the checkout or cart based offers can be calculated. Cart information is typically mandatory to create an order, in case you are unable to provide cart information, please reach out to our team and we can make certain fields nullable to meet your requirements

  • Array [
  • sku_id string

    This is the unique id of the product stored in your system

    title string

    This is the title of the product that is being sold

    description string

    This is the detailed description of the product being sold

    image_url string

    This is the public URL from which the image of the product can be fetched

    rate number

    This is the pre tax rate of the item

    quantity string

    This is the quantity that is being purchased

    amount_before_tax string

    This is the rate * quantity i.e. the amount before tax

    tax string

    This is the tax amount on the cart item

    total_amount string

    This is the sum of amount before tax and the tax amount

  • ]
  • address object[]

    This field contains the block of address of user

  • Array [
  • address_1 string required
    street string
    landmark string
    area string
    city string required
    state string required
    pincode string required
    address_type string required
  • ]
  • next object[]

    The next array provides a recommendation for the next API call to be made, where multiple options are available, all of these are provided

  • Array [
  • anyOf

    action string required

    Possible values: [payment_modes]

    To show on your checkout all the payment modes that are enabled for you and are personalised for your customer, you can call this API

    url string required

    Possible values: [/api/v3/payment-modes]

    This is the end point of the API that needs to be called for the above action, you will need to append the baseurl as provided in this doc

  • ]