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Offers [v3]‚Äč

This API returns a list of offers according to the payment modes

Request Body required
    order_id string required

    The order_id for which the payment is being made

    payment_mode_code string required

    This is the payment mode code chosen by the customer to pay for your order

    card_no string

    This is the card number typically between 15-19 digits, you should only pass this from your server if you are PCI-DSS certified


When the offers is successfully fetched, the response will be as below

    additional_charges number

    This is the additional charge that will be charged for this payment mode

    offers object

    This field list the offers for the payment_mode

    offer_discount number

    This is amount that will be discounted as per the offers that have been configured by you

    offer_id string

    This is the unique offer id provided by Nimbbl, it can be used in subsequent API calls

    offer_name string

    This is the offer name as configured

    offer_start_date date-time

    This is the offer start date in UTC

    offer_end_date date-time

    This is the offer end date in UTC

    offer_desc string

    This is the description of the offer that can be used by you on your checkout