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This API will return the Payment link data by passing the invoice id used for creating the payment link.

Path Parameters
    invoice_id any required

    The invoice_id for which the payment link has to be fetched


if there exists a payment link with given invoice_id, the response will be as below

    payment_link_status string

    Possible values: [created, sent, opened, paid, cancelled, expired]

    The status of payment link

    payment_link_currency string

    This is the currency code in ISO-4217 format

    payment_link_amount number

    The amount to be paid via payment link

    payment_link_amount_paid number

    The amount paid via payment link

    payment_link_hash string

    This is the unique hash generated for each payment link.

    payment_link_invoice_id string

    This is your internal unique reference identifier for this payment link

    sms_sent boolean

    This will be true if the payment link was sent via SMS to user.

    email_sent boolean

    This will be true if the payment link was sent via email to user.

    created_at string

    timestamp at which the payment link was created in YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS.MS format.

    link_expiry string

    timestamp at which link will expire in YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS.MS format.

    payer_info object
    payer_email_address string

    This is the email address of your consumer

    payer_first_name string

    This is the first name of your consumer

    payer_last_name string

    This is the last name of your consumer

    payer_mobile_number string

    This is the mobile number of your consumer, default country code is +91.

    payment_link_signature string

    payment link signature generated at our end

    product_details object
    title string

    This is the title of the product that is being sold

    description string

    This is the detailed description of the product being sold

    image_url string

    This is the public URL from which the image of the product can be fetched

    currency string

    This is the currency code in ISO-4217 format

    quantity number

    This is the quantity that is being purchased

    amount_before_tax number

    This is the rate * quantity i.e. the amount before tax

    tax number

    This is the tax amount on the cart item

    total_amount number

    This is the sum of amount before tax and the tax amount

    transaction object[]
  • Array [
  • transaction_id string

    This is the transaction_id returned by Nimbbl in response to the create order API

    status string

    Possible values: [pending, succeeded, failed, reversed, reversing]

    This is the status of the order

    transaction_amount number

    Amount of the transaction

    transaction_type string

    Type of transaction (payment, refund)

    transaction_currency string

    This is the currency code in ISO-4217 format

    payment_partner string

    This is the payment partner through which the payment has been processed

    additional_charges number

    Additional charges for the transaction

    offer_discount number

    This is amount that will be discounted as per the offers that have been configured by you

    offer_id string

    This is the unique offer id provided by Nimbbl, it can be used in subsequent API calls

    psp_transaction_id string

    This is the transaction reference generated by the payment partner

  • ]