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This page is only relevant for the merchants who are moving from older checkout to the new checkout integration.

What are the Benefits of Upgrading the Integration?

  1. Improved Performance: Our latest API iteration, v3 APIs, boasts a remarkable 10x increase in speed compared to our previous versions while retaining all existing functionalities. This means faster processing times and a more seamless checkout experience for you and your customers.

  2. Enhanced Security: We've implemented an upgraded version of our signature to bolster security measures against external threats. With this enhancement, you can have added peace of mind knowing that your transactions are even more secure.

Steps to Upgrade the Integration

The following steps will help you upgrade your integration and enjoy the benefits mentioned above.

1. Creating an Order

In this step earlier you were calling the /api/v2/generate-token and /api/v2/create-order/ APIs, now you need to call /api/v3/generate-token and /api/v3/create-order/. To refer to the updated APIs please refer Creating an Order.

The response of the Create Order API will return token, which will be used to set up the client in the next step.

2. Set up your Client

In this step earlier you were passing order_id and access_key with checkout.js to launch the checkout. However, now you need to import the checkout library and initialize the checkout by passing the token generated in the Create Order v3 API. Refer Setting up your Client to know the exact details.

3. Completing your Integration

The handling of responses from callback and webhook is same as it is in the existing integration. However, we have now introduced a new signature version (v3), which will add an additional layer of security to safeguard against security threats.

Earlier you were using the v2 signature version only. Now you will receive a new parameter in webhook and callback signature_version which will define the version of the signature you have received. Basis this parameter you will have to use the signature logic defined in Validating the Response.

4. Moving to Production

After you have completed and tested your integration, please reach out to our team and we will review your integration and help you get ready to go on production.