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Instant Sharing, Instant Payments: Payment Links

The Payment Link is a no-code tool created by Nimbbl to collect payments from your customers. Just create the link on the Nimbbl dashboard and share it with them on their preferred channel. The link can be shared through Nimbbl on SMS and Email or you can simply generate the link and share it where you want. You can also add multiple products to the link and these are displayed to the consumer when they open the link.

You can set an expiry time after which the customer will not be able to make a payment using the link.

How to Create?

  • Customising your link with your brand logo, brand URL and colour theme.
  • Adding 'Terms & Conditions' and 'Refund Policy'. Your customers can view these links below the 'Pay Now' button.
  1. Login to your Nimbbl dashboard and move to the Payment Links tab from the left-hand side menu.
  2. Here, click on the ‘Create new Payment Link’ button to open the link creation page.
  3. Enter the information as provided below.
Field NameField DescriptionMandatory?
Sub-merchantthis is the sub-merchant associated with your Nimbbl accounttrue
Amountthis is the amount you want to get paidtrue
Expiry Datethis is the link expiry datetrue
Product Namethis is the name of the productfalse
Product Item Descriptionthis is description of the productfalse
Product Pricethis is price of the productfalse
Product Taxthis is the tax amount of the productfalse
Product Imagethis is the image of the productfalse
Link Descriptionthis is a general description for the payment linkfalse
Callback URLthis is the page to be shown to customer instead of the success/failure screen built by Nimbblfalse
Invoice IDthis is your reference identifier for the payment linktrue
Terms & Conditionsthis is to display your terms & conditionsfalse
Customer Namethis is the name of the customertrue
Customer Mobile Numberthis is the mobile number of the customertrue
Customer Email IDthis is the email of the customerfalse
Customer Channelsthis is channel on which the customer needs to be communicatedtrue

How to Share?

There are 2 ways to share a payment link

  1. While creating the payment link, you can specify the channels such as SMS / Email on which you want to send the link. Once your link has been created, Nimbbl will send the email and/or SMS as chosen by you to your customer.

  2. You can manually copy the link URL to share it on channels like Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook and others channels as per your choice.

  • If you need any help in creating a payment link, mail us on