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How to Increase Checkout Conversion Rate with Fast Checkout? An Ultimate Guide 

Add a product to the cart ➡️ add address ➡️ make the payment ➡️ get order confirmation ➡️ leave.  That’s typically what customers expect...
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How Intelligent Payment Routing Helps NBFC Merchants? – An Ultimate Guide 

Imagine this: a customer tries to repay their loan three times, fails each time, and misses the due date of repayment completion. This impacts...
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Why do Shopify Merchants Need a One-Click Checkout Solution? 

After talking to 100+ Shopify merchants, we are sure about one thing – online shoppers expect personalisation and a lot of it. Statista shows...
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Why do Wix Users Need a One-click Checkout Solution? 

Imagine this: a new customer lands in your Wix store, browses a few products, adds a product to their cart, and proceeds to checkout....
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