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How to increase payment success rate

Is Your eCommerce Payment Successful? Tips To Increase Your Payment Success Rate 

Every eCommerce store owner dreams of providing a frictionless checkout experience with a “Payment Successful” message for each customer.  But how...
7 min read
What is a payment link generator?

What is a Payment Link Generator? A Complete Guide 

Suppose you are a small business owner or new eCommerce merchant trying to strengthen your position in an already competitive marketplace....
6 min read
Wix eCommerce Plugins

10 Best Wix Ecommerce Plugins for Indian Online Stores In 2024

Wix offers straightforward eCommerce capabilities for your online store. It’s decently priced, easy to use, and offers all the basic eCommerce...
Nimbbl Drip
8 min read
Wix payment gateways

5 Best Payment Gateways for Wix Users in India to Boost Sales 

Struggling to accept payments on your Wix store? Or are you building your online store with Wix and searching for the...
4 min read
WooCommerce Checkout Page Plugin

What is a WooCommerce Checkout Page Plugin? (+ 9 Best Checkout Plugins)

Anyone who runs a WordPress store uses WooCommerce or has heard of it. Rightly so, it’s one of the dominant eCommerce...
Nimbbl Drip
10 min read
Magento plugins and extensions

10 Best Magento Plugins and Extensions for Indian Ecommerce Merchants 

If you are here, we hope your Magento store is up and running. However, you may still need more features and...
Nimbbl Drip
9 min read
WooCommerce one-page checkout

WooCommerce One-page Checkout – Plugins and Customisation Tips 

If you are an eCommerce store owner, your store is built on WooCommerce!  Why are we so confident about it?  Firstly,...
4 min read
Types of electronic payment systems

What are the Types of Electronic Payment Systems? – An Ultimate Guide  

Suppose you are either a new eCommerce merchant about to launch your store or an experienced eCommerce store owner struggling to...
Nimbbl Drip
6 min read
Boost checkout conversion with fast checkout

How to Increase Checkout Conversion Rate with Fast Checkout? An Ultimate Guide 

Add a product to the cart ➡️ add address ➡️ make the payment ➡️ get order confirmation ➡️ leave.  That’s typically...
5 min read
How Online Travel Merchants Should Use a Payment Router

How Online Travel Merchants Should Use a Payment Router – An Ultimate Guide 

The online travel market in India is growing rapidly and is projected to generate 60% of the tourism industry’s total revenue....
Nimbbl Drip
4 min read