5 Best Payment Gateways for Wix Users in India to Boost Sales 

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Wix payment gateways

Struggling to accept payments on your Wix store?

Or are you building your online store with Wix and searching for the best payment gateway? 

A Wix payment gateway secures the online payment acceptance process on your website from all major electronic payment systems, provides an integrated payment dashboard to review all payments in one place, and streamlines your checkout experience to offer a smooth checkout process to the customers. 

The Indian eComm market is booming, and according to Statista, it’s estimated to be valued at $1708.1 million by 2025. 

Therefore, now is the best time to research the most suitable gateway for your business. 

We have performed our groundwork and prepared a list of leading Indian gateways already integrated into Wix and offering their users state-of-the-art payment provider choices. 

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5 Best Wix payment gateways for Indian eCommerce brands 

Here is our list of best Wix payment gateways for Indian eCommerce merchants: 

Wix Payment Gateways


With Nimbbl, the gateway integrates with your Wix store in seconds and streamlines customer payment processing. Nimbbl’s one-click checkout for Wix reduces unnecessary steps like OTPs and redirections from your payment workflow and completes the checkout process within seconds. 

Top Features 

  • A single, no-code, hassle-free integration to access multiple payment gateways 
  • Provide modern, personalised payment options like Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL), credit and debit cards, and more 
  • With intelligent payment routing, identify the eligible payment methods for the customers to provide convenience and ease 

Ideal for 

Small, medium, and large Indian eCommerce stores want to convert traffic to become paid customers on Wix, which has a three-step setup and no technical complications.


Razorpay is an advanced payment gateway for Indian eCommerce stores. This Wix payment gateway combines payment processing, reporting, and integration and helps Indian merchants accept payments from websites and mobile applications. 

Top Features 

  • Create, design, and manage your Wix store
  • Set up a single webhook on the Razorpay dashboard to easily accept payments 

Ideal for 

Indian eCommerce stores with a technical team for seamless payment gateway integration.

Looking for a Razorpay alternative? Read more!

Cashfree Payments 

The next name on our list of Wix payment gateways is Cashfree Payments. This no-code Wix payment gateway is perfect for no-code websites built on Wix. 

Top Features 

  • Cashfree Payments supports multiple payment modes 
  • Straightforward integration with Wix in just three simple steps 

Ideal for 

Indian eCommerce stores looking for quick settlements and processing immediate refund initiation. 


Easebuzz, a Wix payment gateway, is popular among Indian merchants because of its simple plug-and-play integration and fast onboarding. 

Top Features 

  • Easy to integrate into your Wix website with just a few steps 
  • Recurring billing options to make payments easier 

Ideal for 

Indian eCommerce stores are looking for a customised and affordable payment gateway for their Wix store. 


PayU is one of the best Wix payment gateways built to grow Indian online stores. Integrating PayU site takes merely two minutes, and you can start accepting payments from your site in no time. 

Top Features 

  • Integrate PayU with Wix to accept credit/debit and Amex card payments 
  • Simple setting up the process is super simple, and you don’t need to pay any additional maintenance fee 

Ideal for 

For Indian stores targeting a global user base. 

How do you add a payment gateway to your Wix website? 

Integrating a payment gateway to your Wix website only takes a few simple steps. 

We are showing these steps for Nimbbl, and you can follow similar steps for any other payment gateway.  

  • Sign up on Nimbbl to get your API keys 
  • Go to your Wix store’s dashboard and click on “Accept Payments” settings to find Nimbbl 
  • Now click “Connect.” 

How to choose the best Wix payment gateway for your store? 

There are no right or wrong answers when selecting the best Wix payment gateway. Ultimately, the payment gateway that easily integrates with your business model, is compatible with your eCommerce platform, and handles daily transactions without frequent technical issues is the appropriate one for you. 

If you select the wrong Wix payment gateway, it will impact your store operations and customer experience. For example, a payment gateway that shows frequent transaction failures could easily frustrate customers, leading to a high cart abandonment rate

Transaction fee – Most Indian payment gateways charge an average of 2% as a transaction fee, while some gateways offer custom pricing based on your volume of transactions. It is necessary to analyse this factor to project your profit margins before selecting a payment gateway. 

Integration process – The payment gateway should seamlessly integrate with your Wix store and existing workflow to bring in all payment-related updates in the same dashboard and avoid switching between applications. 

Compatibility with payment methods – Get a payment gateway with intelligent payment routing so it supports multiple payment methods like UPI, BNPL, credit cards, debit cards, and net banking. This will ensure flexibility and provide customers with sufficient payment options to avoid last-minute drop-offs. 

Security measures – Your payment gateway should be level-1 PCI DSS compliant to prevent unauthorised attempts at data hacking when performing online transactions. 

Currency support – If your long-term goal is to scale and expand cross-boundaries, selecting a payment gateway that supports multiple currencies makes sense. 

Transaction limits – Some payment gateways add certain transaction limits. For example, daily transaction volume cannot exceed 500 or customers cannot conduct transactions over a certain amount in a single day. For large businesses with limitless transactions, these limits will cause customer dissatisfaction. Therefore, better to explore these factors upfront.  

Customer support – Select a payment gateway with a strong customer support team available to resolve sudden technical challenges.  

Settlement period – The settlement period is the payment duration to be credited to your business bank account. Different payment gateways offer different settlement periods. Since the shorter the payment period, the better, ensure a clear understanding. 

Onboarding duration and training – After integrating the payment gateway to your Wix store, the onboarding and training process should be effortless for different team members, irrespective of their technical backgrounds. 
Compliant with Indian regulations – The Wix payment gateway you select must be compliant with the Reserve Bank of India’s (RBI) guidelines related to transaction limits and volumes to avoid legal troubles.

What is the best payment gateway for Wix? 

As we mentioned, this question has no right or wrong answer. 

The best payment gateway for Wix is the one that meets your requirements efficiently. 

The best approach is to explore each of these Wix payment gateways and evaluate whether they meet your requirements. 

But if you ask us, we would suggest Nimbbl.

A huge advantage of Nimbbl is that with one simple integration, you can access all the above-mentioned payment gateways, such as PayU, Cashfree Payments, Easebuzz, and Razorpay, through the Nimbbl payment router.

If you are migrating from another platform like WooCommerce or Shopify to Wix, Nimbbl is your door to access all payment acquirers.

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