Why do Wix Users Need a One-click Checkout Solution? 

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Wix One-click Checkout with Nimbbl

Imagine this: a new customer lands in your Wix store, browses a few products, adds a product to their cart, and proceeds to checkout. While checking out, the customer doesn’t find their desired payment method.  

Customers expect personalization. Since they already share the required personal information while signing up, the least they expect is an optimized payment experience where they get payment method options that qualify their needs. 

Browsing to check out is a critical path where you cannot take any risks. With a one-click checkout solution for your Wix store, a customer sees personalisation without adding details on the payment page.

When a buyer clicks the “Buy” button during checkout, they are seamlessly redirected to the payment page, where they experience a frictionless journey—smooth authentication and effortless payment options. A one-click payment page for Wix will increase the chances of repeat customers and reduce abandoned carts for your store.  

Confused about what’s a one-click checkout solution or how to add it to your Wix store?  Here’s a detailed guide to get you started.  

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What is a one-click checkout solution? 

A one-click checkout solution dynamically fetches personalisation options for the customers based on the information they have already shared with you.
Integrating it into your Wix store will create a breezy checkout experience for your customers. They don’t have to manually fill out any details to get their personalised payment options.

Here’s how it works 👇

Note how a single checkout button helps avoid unnecessary steps, OTPs, and redirections. You practically place the order within just three seconds.

Why do you need a one-click checkout solution for your Wix store? 

In India, 83% of customers use mobile devices for online purchases as of 2022. With the latest mobile banking revolution post-Covid, most youths are comfortable with only digital wallets and UPI.  

This is one of the many reasons Wix merchants in India should invest in a one-click checkout solution.  

One-click checkout solutions increase the chances of repeat mobile purchases from your  Wix store as the shopping experience becomes much simpler with quick access to digital wallets and UPI platforms.  But that’s not the only benefit of integrating a one-click payment gateway into your Wix store.  There are more. 

Reduced cart abandonment 

While customers can leave a shopping cart for multiple reasons, one of the biggest triggers is often – the complicated checkout process. A study by Baymard shows that 17% of online shoppers abandon their carts due to a complex checkout process.

As you integrate a  Nimbbl payment gateway to your Wix store checkout page, the customers will have zero reasons to opt out, largely because a one-click checkout solution makes the payment process log-in accessible, OTP-free, streamlined, and much faster.  

Notice the one-click checkout page, where you just need to select the payment method of your preference and place the order with a single click. 

One-click checkout to reduce cart abandonment
One-click checkout to reduce cart abandonment

Increased repeat purchases 

According to the CMO of Facebook, Alex Schultz, if 20 to 25% of customers are returning to your online store every month, you are in a good place.

But what if your repeat customer rate is less than 20%? That means you are in trouble and need to recheck your store operations.  

While the reasons behind customer churn can be numerous, one significant reason is customers expect a seamless checkout experience that online stores often fail to create.  One-click payment gateways make the perfect bridge between customers and your Wix store with simpler checkouts, reducing churn and increasing repeat purchases.  

Repeat purchase with checkout page optimization
Repeat purchase with checkout page optimization

Win customers’ trust 

One-click payment gateways offer customers the BNPL option. The psychology behind the immense popularity of BNPL is its ability to build trust. It helps customers bridge the gap between something they want urgently without paying a fortune in one go.  

By integrating a one-click Nimbbl payment gateway to your Wix store, your store will get access to top BNPL providers in India, like Lazypay, ICICI Paylater, etc. This will enhance the convenience level of the shoppers and boost your store’s average order value. 

How to pick the best one-click checkout for your Wix store? 

While selecting the right one-click payment gateway for your Wix store, make sure the solution includes the following benefits: 

Avoid technical errors by routing to multiple payment service providers

Relying on a single payment service provider costs eCommerce merchants big time.  Suppose you only use one payment service provider as your PSP, and on a particular day,  their server is down, or for some technical glitch, this provider declines a transaction. This interruption in your service creates a wrong impression on the customers as they might get frustrated and abandon their carts.  

A payment gateway must have a built-in multi-PSP router. A multi-PSP router assists your system in selecting the best available payment service provider based on the business priorities you, as a business owner, have, such as optimising success rate, cost, or customer experience.  

Suppose a specific payment method has a better success rate on 1 processor, you can set routing to send only that payment method to that processor while having others routed to another processor at a lower cost. This allows you to have optimisaiton on both price and success rates without compromising the buyer’s checkout experience, avoiding any last-minute cart abandonment.

No long and exhaustive setting-up process

The one-click checkout solution you select must have the plug-and-play feature. That way,  you can integrate it into your Wix store with a few clicks and avoid a tedious, manual setup process. 

Compliant with Indian regulations 

The payment gateway you choose for your Wix store must comply with Indian regulations like RBI guidelines and the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). This ensures that the sensitive data of your online store is entirely protected, and you don’t have to worry about it.  

Which is the best one-click checkout solution for Wix in India?

You need a one-click checkout solution for your product that is easy to use, scalable, and fast, and we have the best suggestion – Nimmbl

Nimmbl is a Wix partner that allows you to accept customers’ payments seamlessly.  Nimmbl is pre-integrated with Wix, meaning you can connect it to your store without a single line of code.  

That’s not all. Here’s why this payment gateway for Wix stands out: 

Personalised payment methods

Nimbbl allows you to route your customers to their preferred payment methods, starting from UPI, credit cards, debit cards, and wallets. GenZ and millennial users are all for digital wallets and UPIs, and Nimbbl ensures you don’t have to let go of these tech-savvy users.  

Like in the image below, note how Nimbbl shows a shopper’s most used payment methods so they can pick their favorite one and place the order in seconds. 

Personalized payment methods
Personalized payment methods

One integration for multiple payment gateways

With just one integration, Nimbbl allows you access to multiple payment gateways. This means zero time spent on never-ending manual integrations, faster expansion of your store, and happier customers since you are not limiting your store’s payment options.

Higher conversion with BNPL

Let your customers experience the joy of the buy now, pay later feature with Nimbbl’s one-click checkout payment gateway. Make your BNPL options personalized by auto-populating the necessary fields relevant to each customer. Nimbbl ensures secured device-level authentication and protects sensitive customer data. 

Nimbbl's BNPL
Nimbbl’s BNPL

Set up Nimbbl to your Wix store in three easy steps 

Wondering “how to add a payment gateway to the Wix website”? 

It is pretty simple. Here are the steps: 

  1. Sign up on Nimbbl to get your API keys 
  2. Go to your Wix store’s dashboard and click on “Accept Payments” settings to find Nimbbl 
  3. Found it? Now click “Connect”
Add Nimbbl to Wix
Add Nimbbl to Wix

And that’s it. 

For the next steps, refer to these instructions


One-click checkout has too many benefits not to give it a shot for your Wix store. It simplifies your shoppers’ lives and reduces all the eCommerce metrics most merchants fear  – cart abandonment and customer churn rate.  

If you are a new Wix store owner, still navigating through the checkout process setup, set up a call with the Nimbbl team to figure out how to approach this. 


Can I connect a payment gateway to my Wix store in India?  

Wix supports 100+ payment gateways worldwide, including one-click checkout solutions like Nimbbl.  

Which is the best payment gateway for Wix store owners in India?  

Nimbbl is the best payment gateway for Wix store owners in India, with advanced features like one-click checkout, BNPL, and personalized payment options for all users.

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