5 Best Sites to Sell Digital Products in India – Guide for Coaches, Consultants and Creators

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sites to sell digital products

Picture this: You’re sipping coffee in your pyjamas, and your phone pings. Someone just bought your Mastering the Art of Public Speaking course. Then, another sale, and so on. 

That’s the beauty of selling an informative digital product. 

Digital products don’t let you worry about:

❇️ Inconsistent overhead cost and inventory management

❇️ Scaling production cost

❇️ Generating long-term income

❇️ Building authority in your niche globally

A McKinsey study in 2022 revealed that global spending on digital goods is expected to hit $135 billion by 2024. It is a revenue stream that you, as a creator, should explore. 

But you need the best sites to sell digital products to ensure a frictionless buyer experience. This article will discuss precisely that. 

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What Are Digital Products?

Digital products are assets available only on online platforms. These intangible products are primarily educational and made to help others gain more knowledge about a specific niche. Some everyday digital products in the market include online courses, software, digital art, eBooks, podcasts, and even virtual goods like games. 

Users will mostly find them via email as a link or a download option, or they may be asked to create login credentials to access the asset. 

Ryan Law, Director of Content Marketing at Ahrefs, sells digital products on his websites, such as courses and templates, to people who want to improve their writing skills. 

Below is a quick sneak peek into Ryan Law’s digital course on editing: 

Ryan Law’s Website

The best part about selling digital products is their:

➡️ They can be accessed anywhere, anytime. As a creator, you don’t need to have a logistic strategy or handle returns and refunds 

➡️ Digital products don’t have an ‘expiry date’. Even though you want to update the product based on industry standards, you can easily do that by making changes to the source content

➡️ You don’t have to worry about digital products going ‘out-of-stock’. No matter how much the order volume is, it is always available for sell 

Many digital products are popular in India, including: 

  • Online courses/educational content: Recently, people intending to upgrade their skills have found online courses and certifications the most beneficial digital assets
  • eBooks and Magazines: Rather than just being lead magnets, ebooks, and magazines have become sources of learning
  • Templates: From article briefs to marketing and sales strategy templates, content creators frequently use this digital product to attract a more curious audience
  • Productivity planners and mini-tools: Many individuals and companies understand that no matter how organised people are, they need a tool to plan their work. They create planners that help people manage their schedules and work independently

Other than these, you can also find the following digital products quite common in India:

  • Mobile apps and games
  • Stock photos and graphics
  • Fitness and wellness programs
  • Digital art and NFTs
  • Financial planning and investment guides

5 Best Sites to Sell Digital Products in India

Now that you know what a digital product is and its types, it is time to understand: What are the best platforms for selling digital products in India?

While there are many platforms to sell digital products in India, we have shortlisted five based on their simple user interface, ease of use, and the price/commission percentage they charge creators. 

Here are our recommendations for platforms to sell digital products in India: 

Let’s get to the details. 

1. Topmate


Topmate is one of the best websites for selling digital products for content creators. The platform also allows you to conduct  1:1 sessions and webinars, sell digital products and package your products and services to target a mass audience. 

But to do this all, you must be listed on the platform. After you sign up, Topmate will encourage you to create your business page to list your products, such as courses or webinars, and sell them through a subscription plan or fixed price. This will help you streamline your products in one place and manage earnings hassle-free.

Key Features of Topmate:

  • Create 1-on-1 sessions with followers
  • Host webinars
  • Offer your services in a bundle
  • Sell courses, guides, ebooks and more
  • Build recurring revenue with subscription plans


  • Basic Plan: Charges 7% commission from your earning
  • Premium Plan: Charges 10% commission from your earnings

Check detailed pricing

2. Gumroad


Gumroad is another excellent platform for selling digital products. Its process is simple, and it ensures hassle-free revenue earning. All you have to do is open an account, add your product, and sell it to get paid. You can price your products at a fixed price or opt for subscription plans. 

Gumroad enables users with existing websites to connect with their custom domain page. Moreover, they offer integrations that make it easier for you to receive payments for your digital products.

Key features of Gumroad:

  • Create simple membership subscription plans
  • Accept payments from global audience
  • Generate license keys to prevent leaking your content
  • Sell your products in various formats like PDF, Mobi, and more
  • Get deeper insights into your products and change marketing strategies accordingly


Gumroad charges 10% of every sale you make rather than charging monthly.

Check detailed pricing

3. Payhip


Payhip helps many content creators sell digital products like courses, memberships, coaching, and physical products. It enables you to build a website within minutes without any coding involved. This platform is also known for helping its customers connect their custom domains to the website. 

Payhip also offers excellent marketing services for digital creators to sell their products across platforms. You can create coupons to encourage buyers to show interest in your products and ultimately pursue them to make a purchase. It even allows you to run an affiliate marketing program to reward colleagues or employees if they help you create a sale by recommending your product.

Key Features of Payhip:

  • Create accessible checkout pages for customers to complete their purchases faster
  • Receive payment the moment a digital product is sold on your platform
  • Notify customers about the latest product updates 
  • Sync customers directly to your mailing list
  • Design your website without any coding knowledge


  • Free Forever Plan: $0/month with 5% transaction fees on every product purchase
  • Plus Plan: $29/month with 2% transaction fees on every product purchase
  • Pro Plan: $99/month with 0% transaction fees on every product purchase

Check detailed pricing

4. Sellfy


Sellfy is another platform through which digital creators can explore if they plan to create and sell their products online. This digital product-selling platform allows you to create a store on a new website or successfully embed it on your existing one and helps you track your sales efficiently. It lets you sell any digital file on your website, such as ebooks, PDFs, tutorials, visual art, videos, and 1000 more formats.

Key Features of Sellfy:

  • Host and distribute large files of up to 10 GB
  • Secure all your content with SSL encryption
  • Sell more with a built-in email marketing tool
  • Upsell products with coupons
  • Capture detailed insights on purchases with analytics


  • Starter Plan: $19/month for up to $10k in sales per year
  • Business Plan: $49/month for up to $50k in sales per year
  • Premium Plan: $99/month for up to $200k in sales per year

Check detailed pricing

5. Websites

Create a website from scratch and sell your digital products hassle-free to an interested audience in no time. Many reputed influencers in India have resorted to this option and have successfully sold their products online. One big example is Neil Patel.

Neil Patel Digital

He initially started sharing articles that informed marketers about the latest updates on search engines and how they can tackle them, popularly searched as neilpatel.com. Later, this marketing guru introduced digital products like UberSuggest, which helps businesses do site audits and keyword research.

UberSuggest tool

Source: npdigital.com

Like him, you can create your product as a software solution or an online course, create a website, host it, and start selling it. 

However, selecting the apt eCommerce platform for building your website is critical. The platform should be easy to operate and integrated with multiple digital payment modes to make selling your digital product effortless. 

Below are our recommendations:


Wix website

Wix is a CMS platform where you can create your website, host content, and even add eCommerce elements to sell your digital products. It offers various options to monetise your business and help you earn revenues in the long run.


Shopify website

Shopify is another platform that helps you create a website that enables you to sell your products efficiently and build a brand. To help you start your journey as a digital entrepreneur, it assists you with blogs, online courses from successful entrepreneurs, a community to consult with, and a help centre to reduce your doubts about platform technicalities.


WooCommerce website

This WordPress-based eCommerce platform helps you create a space to sell your digital products in seconds. WooCommerce offers a no-code platform that can be customised per your brand guidelines. It lets you personalise every aspect of consumer purchase from start to finish. Moreover, you get access to extensions that help you streamline your marketing efforts and payment gateways.

When looking for an eCommerce platform to sell digital products, don’t forget about the payment experience. It is the ultimate differentiator to drive sales. You need a payment gateway that integrates perfectly with your Wix/Shopify/WooCommerce website and creates an optimised payment experience. 

This is why we recommend Nimbbl

Nimbbl integrates with multiple eCommerce platforms, including Shopify, Wi, and WooCommerce, and simplifies the checkout experience in the following ways:

One-click checkout: With Nimbbl’s one-click checkout, customers must insert their contact number after adding a product to the cart. Nimbbl then creates an optimised payment experience by featuring all the payment methods eligible for individual buyers. This means there is no need to wait for OTP or remember UPI ID. 

Nimbbl one-click checkout

Payment links: Nimbbl’s payment link generator is the easiest way to sell your digital products. Simply add the required details, such as the amount, payment method(s), and link expiration time, within the dashboard, and it automatically sends the buyer a payment link with an email notification. The buyer can click the link and complete the payment using their desired method without switching between multiple sites. 

Nimbbl payment links

Payment routing: Nimbbl’s payment router defines the path to each transaction on a website. Its multi-PSP (Payment Service Providers) payment router integrates with your website and connects with multiple payment gateways, banks, and similar financial sources to process the payment. With just one integration, Nimbbl routes customers from your website to various payment gateways according to their eligibility to speed up transaction processing. 


Digital products are new information sources that people can access in seconds if hosted on the right websites. If you’ve been bothered by that, we hope our list of top five solutions helps you narrow down one site that enables you to sell your digital products online.

If you have yet to figure out the best way to collect payment from your digital products, you must explore Nimbbl and its payment features, which are suitable for creators, coaches, and consultants. 


What is the best platform for selling digital products?

Websites are the best platforms for selling digital products, but you need a payment solution like Nimbbl to maximise them. 

Is digital product business profitable in India?

Yes, digital product businesses can be highly profitable in India. However, the content must be top-notch and match individuals’ existing digital product needs in different niches.

Where can I sell my digital products?

You can sell digital products on your website, Patreon, Envato Market, or other options.

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