WooCommerce One-page Checkout – Plugins and Customisation Tips 

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WooCommerce one-page checkout

If you are an eCommerce store owner, your store is built on WooCommerce! 

Why are we so confident about it? 

Firstly, because you are reading this article 😎and secondly, WooCommerce holds 38% market shares of the global eCommerce platform market. 

Despite being one of the oldest online store platforms, WooCommerce’s one-page checkout is a relatively new feature. This feature aims to ensure that an online shopper is not required to do a lot of heavy lifting on their way to purchase an item from your store. And by “heavy lifting,” we mean filling out page after page of unnecessary details. 

Sounds like a good initiative, right? 

Here is the catch: WooCommerce has partnered with multiple third-party plugins to promote this initiative. The goal was to empower merchants with a seamless one-page checkout experience. 

This has confused many e-commerce merchants over WooCommerce’s one-page checkout, and they are loggerheads thinking about which plugin to select! 

As always, we are here with our groundwork. We have shortlisted the five best WooCommerce one-page checkout plugins for Indian eCommerce stores and included customisation tips. 

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What is WooCommerce One-page Checkout? 

Conventional checkout processes are long and look something like this 👇

One-page checkout process

As you can see, there are too many steps and manual form fields before a shopper finally places their order. 

Tommy Walker, Global Editor at Shopify Plus, says,

“The biggest mistake I see in checkout is too many options, form fields, and steps. You’ve got to keep it simple, especially for mobile users.”

This is one of the significant reasons shoppers get frustrated and abandon their carts halfway through the checkout process. 

WooCommerce one-page checkout is a solution to the long and tiring checkout processes. It is done within a single page using a single form. 

This means keeping all charges transparent, allowing customers to add or remove products within their cart easily, and fetching the payment options they are eligible for by simply inserting their contact information, creating a simple and seamless checkout experience. 

Enabling WooCommerce one-click checkout experience looks something like this 👇

WooCommerce One-click Checkout Experience

Why do you Need a WooCommerce One-page Checkout Plugin? 

For an online store built on WooCommerce, the easiest way is to opt for the official Woocommerce one-page checkout plugin

This plugin offers some of the best one-page checkout features like: 

  • Simple set-up 
  • Custom landing pages 
  • Built-in custom templates

But one major challenge with this checkout is how it lists products on the checkout page. Product listing is very basic, and while small eCommerce stores selling a maximum of two to three products at one go still use it, featuring many products with product types is next to impossible. And if you want to empower your customers with the ability to sort and filter the list of products, this plugin is an epic fail. 

Therefore, an eCommerce store in its growth phase should list products in a user-friendly way so that customers change quantities without visiting multiple pages. 

Luckily, WooCommerce collaborates with some of the best one-page checkout plugins, and our curated list will help you select the most suitable one. 

5 WooCommerce One-page Checkout Plugins for Indian Merchants in 2024 

Here are our top picks for WooCommerce one-page checkout plugin: 

  1. Nimbbl 

Nimbbl is a WooCommerce one-page checkout plugin built for WordPress and WooCommerce platforms. By integrating it with your WooCommerce store, you can reduce your checkout process to five seconds. 

With Nimbbl, delight your new-age customers with modern payment methods like UPI and Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) to achieve as much as 35% growth in conversion. 

Some of the top features of Nimbbl are: 

  • Fast checkout within 5 seconds without any additional clicks, OTPs, or redirections 
  • Feature the payment options customers are eligible for without additional steps and let them pick the convenient payment method 
  • Create a magic UPI flow like never before to provide the customers with the best UPI payment experience where they don’t need to toggle between apps to remember their UPI ID every time 
  • A responsive, easy-to-use, fast-loading checkout page that shows all charges to avoid cart abandonments 
  1. Direct Checkout for WooCommerce by QuadLayers 
Direct Checkout

The WooCommerce Direct Checkout Plugin reduces additional steps within the checkout process and encourages buyers to shop quickly. This plugin provides the “Add to cart” option for each product and skips the shopping cart page to reduce the possibilities of cart abandonment. 

  1. PeachPay 

Add a seamless checkout window to your checkout page to optimise it for conversion. Use a simple design and provide shoppers with a one-click checkout experience. PeachPay WooCommerce, a one-page checkout plugin, lets you bypass the repetitive steps of the by-default WooCommerce checkout page like a pro. 

  1. YITH WooCommerce one-page checkout 

The following WooCommerce one-page checkout plugin on our list is – YITH. It enables a simple, one-click checkout option for the registered users in your eCommerce store. For registered users, the purchasing process becomes more accessible, reduces the percentage of cart abandonment rate, and improves the shopper’s purchase experience by bypassing checkout with a “one-click” button. 

  1.  Stripe Payments For WooCommerce 

Stripe WooCommerce’s one-page checkout plugin allows you to visually style your express payment buttons for Google Pay and Apple Pay. Decide their locations and align them with your brand identity. Stripe’s one-page checkout for WooCommerce adds flexibility to your eCommerce operations without writing a single line of code. 

WooCommerce Checkout Page Customisation Best Practices 

Looking for customisation best practices for your one-page checkout page? Here are our three top picks: 

Reduce the time to checkout with personalised payment options 

Showcase personalized payment options

Why do your customers wait so long to find their desired payment methods? Instead, personalise their experience with a one-page checkout. This way, shoppers won’t have to wait for OTPs or remember their UPI IDs. 

With a one-click checkout solution, customers can submit their contact number to get a quick overview of all the payment options for which they are eligible. The only step left is to click and pay. 

That means zero friction and fewer chances of drop-offs from the checkout page. 

Display the price on the checkout page for transparency 

Display checkout page

Showcasing the final price one last time before completing the checkout is a great practice. It establishes trust and makes the customers believe you are not charging hidden costs. 

Since hidden costs and lack of transparency are the significant reasons behind cart abandonment, by featuring the price clearly on the WooCommerce checkout page, you reduce customers’ confusion and encourage them to shop again from your store. 

Always do A/B testing 

There is no right or wrong structure for your WooCommerce checkout page. Perform A/B tests as often as you want until you find the optimal structure your customers prefer. 

Buy A/B testing extensions from your WooCommerce store to determine what works and what doesn’t on your checkout page and accordingly redesign it. 


By now, you should have a fair idea of WooCommerce one-page checkout pages and some of the best one-page checkout page plugins. 

Time to explore these plugins to find the most suitable one for your WooCommerce store. 

Why don’t you start with Nimbbl

To experience next-level WooCommerce one-page checkout, try Nimbbl now. 

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