Get a Checkout Page that converts

Offer your customers a fast, secure, and customizable payment checkout page. Elevate your conversions with a superior experience.


Building blocks of a checkout page

A fully equipped payment checkout page is user-friendly and easy to use.

payment service provider for online business payment service provider for online business

Brand (Logo and Colour)

Have a part of your brand identity like logo, colour on the checkout page. Giving a clear and consistent interaction with your brand assets will go a long way in building trust with your customers

Shopping cart details

Add details around products, price, quantity, size, tax, and much more. Surprises here should be avoided at all costs. Displaying these details clearly may lead to faster purchases and happier customers

payment technology platform payment technology platform
payment service provider for online business payment service provider for online business

Shipping information

Address and point of contact information for easy delivery or pickup. Make it simple for customers to enter, edit or update their shipping information. Adding links to your shipping policy may be useful here

Payment methods

Present your customers with a range of payment methods to choose from. With Nimbbl, you get a personalised payment experience with the latest fast payment methods like Buy Now Pay Later, UPI apps

payment technology platform payment technology platform

Get the Nimbbl Checkout Page advantage

Access multiple advantages of the Nimbbl checkout page for faster payments for higher conversion.

Checkout page for every business

Nimbbl checkout page works smoothly across online businesses

Ecommerce - payment gateway for ecommerce india


Grocery - payment gateway for grocery business india


Fashion - payment gateway for fashion  website india


Edutech - payment gateway for edutech india


Electronics - payment gateway for electronics website india


Kiranatech - payment gateway for kiranatech india


+ Many more

Features of Nimbbl Checkout Page

Order summary

Reduce redirections and drop-offs by presenting order details directly on the checkout page

Fees and tax information

Showcase fees, tax, and other charges to avoid surprises and abandonments

Personalised customer experience

One-Click checkout flow with personalised fast payment methods for quicker payments

Magical UPI ID flow

Use Magik UPI for a smooth payment experience for UPI ID flows across browsers

Multiple aggregators

Get a checkout page powered by the top payment aggregators in one integration

Fast and secure

Offer a quick loading and 100% secure checkout page for all device types.
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How does it work?

It’s as easy as

  • 1. Customer adds items to cart and clicks on ‘Proceed to Checkout’

  • 2. Personalised payment methods populated on the checkout page

  • 3. Friction-free payment completion on Buy Now Pay Later and UPI


Maximise payment method coverage on your Checkout Page, personalised for every customer

Checkout Page that works everywhere

Mobile - payment gateway integration for mobile

E-commerce stores

Nimbbl offers plugins for the popular e-commerce platforms and shopping cart plugins.
Web - payment gateway integration for website

Custom coded website

Use our checkout library for easy integration with your custom coded website
Third party - payment gateway integration for ecommerce shopping carts and plugins

Mobile app SDKs

Easily integrate the lightweight Nimbbl android and iOS SDKs on your mobile app

More reasons to accept payments with Nimbbl

What is a checkout page?
A checkout page is a customer's final step towards paying. Order details like product quantity, price and customer's personal details are shown along with payment methods.
Order and shipping details like the product, address, contact information are displayed along with personalised payment methods. Customers can select the desired payment method, and voilà, the payment is done with a click!
One can integrate the Nimbbl Checkout Page on the website by simply copy-pasting a few lines of code provided by the team at Nimbbl. You can also contact the integration experts at Nimbbl to set it up for you.
Yes. You can personalize the checkout page according to your brand by changing the background, colour, text, and size. You can also add your brand logo for easy identification.
To configure the checkout page with Nimbbl, you can simply contact us at for a quick and easy configuration.
It must have an easy purchase flow with multiple payment methods to choose from. Every e-commerce checkout page should be personalized with preferred and fast payment options. A good checkout page also has a detailed order summary displayed to the customers.
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