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UPI is the most loved and fastest-growing payment method in India. Introducing Nimbbl’s Magik UPI for a magical payment experience for UPI ID flows across mobile apps and browsers.


UPI ID, the friction creator

UPI ID related issues contribute to 20% - 25% of payment drops. Here’s why:

Most customers are not aware if they ever created a UPI ID
Finding their UPI ID from multiple UPI apps is a fairly difficult task
Fear of payment failure, losing cart items upon moving away from the payment page
Drop-offs due to timeouts, entering wrong UPI ID, closing the browser by mistake

Presenting Magik UPI

Your customers want the convenience of UPI payments. You want higher conversions without worrying about the various UPI payment flows. With the Magik UPI, get the best of both worlds.

Best UPI checkout experience with higher success rates

More reasons to accept payments with Nimbbl

What is the Nimbbl Magik UPI?
The Nimbbl Magik UPI is a feature used by online businesses to offer the best UPI experience to their customers. With it, customers no longer have to remember or search for their UPI ID(s) during transactions. This leads to faster payments, higher success rates for online businesses.

Here are some of the benefits of using the Nimbbl Magik UPI:

  • Better customer experience without having to remember UPI ID(s)
  • Higher success rates by preventing mistakes in entering the UPI ID(s) or closing the transaction by mistake
  • Get the flow that is biased towards higher conversions without having to worry about the technical integrations or changes.

The payment flow with the Nimbbl Magik UPI is very simple and easy for the customer:

  • Customers land on the checkout page
  • UPI ID(s) are presented to your customers
  • They select one of their UPI ID to complete their payment. It’s that easy.
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