Wondering How To Choose The Best Payment Gateway?

Your search on how to choose the payment gateway ends here. Get the best aggregators and so much more with the Nimbbl One-Click Checkout.


Confused with the payment gateway options and jargon?

First, let’s understand the different players and terminologies involved

payment service provider for online business payment service provider for online business

Payment gateway (PG)

• It is a software that enables businesses to accept card payments on their website or app.
• Need to have individual accounts and integration with each provider.
• Examples: Banks like HDFC, ICICI

Payment aggregator (PA)

• A company that helps businesses ‌accept payments through multiple payment methods on their website or app.
• It bundles multiple PGs and payment methods into one integration.
• Eg Razorpay, PayU, Cashfree, Paytm, CCAvenue

payment technology platform payment technology platform
payment service provider for online business payment service provider for online business

Checkout solution

• It is a technology layer on top of ‌payment aggregators (PAs) with new-age payment methods along with the traditional ones.
• It bundles the best of multiple PAs in one integration with a focus on superior customer experience
• Examples: Nimbbl, Bolt

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Payment acceptance, evolving with time

Payment Gateway Payment Aggregators Checkout Solution Cards Cards, Net-banking and Wallets Cards, Net-banking, Wallets, UPI, Buy Now Pay Later 2000-2010 2010-2021 2021 and Beyond Cards Payment Gateway Cards, Net-banking, Wallets, UPI & Buy Now Pay Later Checkout Solution Cards, Net-banking and Wallets Payment Aggregators 2000-2010 2010-2021 2021 and Beyond

Factors to choose a payment gateway in 2023

New age businesses care about personalised customer experience, fast go-live and easy payments operations management. With Nimbbl, get all of these and more under a single API.

Customer Experience

Give your customers a quick, easy and personalized One-Click Checkout experience across devices


Save technical effort with leading payment gateway aggregators under one integration

Payment method coverage

Offer fast payments via the top BNPL providers with the best UPI experience across apps or browsers


Get control of the payment processing fees with the transparent Nimbbl checkout charge

Ease of Documentation

Obtain approvals from multiple PAs and payment methods at one go with a simple onboarding process

Conversion rates

Grow your business with a checkout flow built to improve payment success rates reducing cart abandonment
* One-Click Checkout and faster processing is a function of multiple variables and may not be available for all transactions

Comparison of Nimbbl over standard Payment Gateway Integrations


Standard Payment Gateway Integrations
Standard payment modes
Web, app, and plugin integrations
One-Click Checkout experience
Fast payments via Buy Now Pay Later, UPI
Multiple payment gateway aggregators in one integration
One dashboard to manage for all payments operations
Higher success rates
Personalised customer experience
Which payment gateway is best in India?
Your business type will determine the ideal payment gateway. It is dependent on a lot of factors like the way your website/app is built, your line of business, the number, and size of the transactions & external factors like geography. What will remain constant though is the impact of the payment gateway on your business and this is where Nimbbl steps in; with One-Click checkout and access to multiple payment gateways.

Your payment gateway choice can be based on the

  • Nature of your business
  • Platforms used for your business like a website or an app
  • Customer experiences
  • Payment modes

With Nimbbl checkout, you get pre-built integrations with multiple payment gateways along with:

  • Higher conversion rates
  • One-Click fast checkout
  • Better customer experience
  • Multiple payment gateways
  • Top Buy Now Pay Later options
  • Single dashboard for all transactions

It’s a simple process of

  • Submitting your business details
  • Completing the KYC
  • Create an account & get started
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