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Express Checkout, what’s that?

Get Express Checkout advantage with Nimbbl

Introduce express checkout payments for your business

Express Checkout for every business

Nimbbl quick checkout works smoothly across businesses

Ecommerce - payment gateway for ecommerce india


Grocery - payment gateway for grocery business india


Fashion - payment gateway for fashion  website india


Edutech - payment gateway for edutech india


Electronics - payment gateway for electronics website india


Kiranatech - payment gateway for kiranatech india


+ Many more

Features of Nimbbl Express checkout

One-Click checkout experience

Express checkout payment with personalised payment methods for every customer

Fast and secure checkout

Offer a quick loading and 100% secure checkout page optimised for all device types

Intelligent API checks

Enable a smarter checkout flow with API checks, decreasing transaction time and steps

New-age payment methods

Present fast payment methods like BNPL, UPI without additional customer efforts

Magik UPI

Offer a magically smooth payment experience for UPI ID flows across browsers

Multiple aggregators

Get express checkout page built on the top payment aggregators in one integration

Fees and tax information

Show tax, fees, and other charges to avoid surprises and abandonments from checkout
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How does Nimbbl Express Checkout work?

It’s as easy as

  • Step 1
    Customer adds items to cart and clicks on ‘Proceed to Checkout’

  • Step 2
    Personalised payment methods on the express checkout page

  • Step 3
    Friction-free payment completion via Buy Now Pay Later and UPI


Maximise payment method coverage with Express Checkout, personalised for every customer

Integrate Express checkout easily

Mobile - payment gateway integration for mobile

E-commerce stores

Nimbbl offers plugins for the popular e-commerce platforms and shopping cart plugins.
Web - payment gateway integration for website

Custom coded website

Use our checkout library for easy integration with your custom coded website
Third party - payment gateway integration for ecommerce shopping carts and plugins

Mobile app SDKs

Easily integrate the lightweight Nimbbl android and iOS SDKs on your mobile app

More reasons to accept payments with Nimbbl

What is Express Checkout?
Express checkout is a one-click, fast checkout experience with fewer form fills and superior customer experience on the same page. This checkout method reduces cart abandonment and friction, making it easier for customers to complete transactions.
We offer express checkout for online businesses like e-commerce grocery stores, Apparel, Ed-tech, Electronics, Kirana-tech, Online Beauty Stores, and more. We aim to provide frictionless commerce for all the stakeholders in an online purchase.
Express checkout can generate a lift in conversion rates. A single payment page means fewer payment failures, which is why a rise in conversions ultimately leads to higher revenue. Secondly, more happy customers will return to your website and buy again.
You will be able to accept payment just like you would on a regular payment page, but by offering a personalized and faster checkout experience to your customers.
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