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About Nimbbl
What is Nimbbl?

Nimbbl is here to give you an easy payment solution; all you need is a 1-Click Checkout and customers can purchase anything! It’s fast, simple and reduces shopping cart abandonments for all stakeholders in the online shopping domain.

Nimbbl is here to reduce shopping cart abandonments for stakeholders in the online shopping domain. It enables online businesses, payment gateway aggregators, financial institutions among others to offer BNPL and Payments services to their customers at the point of online purchase.

Nimbbl will accelerate your business growth with :

  • Lower abandonment rates at the checkout page for higher conversions
  • 1-Click Checkout for better customer experience
  • Top Buy Now Pay Later options in one place increasing customer trust and enabling affordability
  • Multiple Payment Gateways with a single integration, reducing technical complexity while maintaining high availability
  • Single dashboard to manage and track all your transactions

Nimbbl is co-founded by Amit Bansal and Anurag Pandey. Both of them are seasoned payments and fintech professionals and have worked together for 5 years across Citrus Pay and PayU. Nimbbl is backed by marquee global investors and individuals with deep expertise in the fintech and payments space. Check the team here

How can I get a payment gateway?
You can get multiple payment gateways with Nimbbl by submitting your business details and completing the KYC process. Just create an account now to start accepting payments online using Nimbbl checkout with multiple payment gateway providers. Create your Nimbbl account here

Nimbbl gives you a wide range of payment options. Every customer will see a personalised payment option with the quickest one on top.

We support top Buy Now Pay Later options, UPI apps like Google Pay, PhonePe, Paytm, Credit Card, Debit Card, Net Banking, Wallets, EMI and more.Check all payment modes here

Currently, we support Razorpay, PayU, Cashfree, Paytm payment gateways. We are adding more payment service providers. You just have to integrate once, newer options will be auto-enabled from the backend.

Currently, we support Lazypay, ICICI Pay Later, Pay with Cred, Ola Postpaid

We are adding more Buy Now Pay Later providers. You just have to integrate once, newer options will be auto-enabled from the backend.

Once you sign-up, to activate your Nimbbl account you need to share business details along with scanned copies of your business documents. Here is the list of documents you need to submit.

What are the steps to integrate the payment gateway on my website?

Our Checkout library provides a simple integration with your website to accept payments. You can open our checkout either as a modal window above your page or can simply redirect to our checkout and get control back using a callback URL.

You can refer to our developer documentation for integration here

Yes, You can use our library to integrate Nimbbl checkout directly into your Android or iOS app using Nimbbl SDK.

Follow the link to check out Nimbbl SDK integration in Android.

Follow the link to check out Nimbbl SDK integration in iOS.

What is the role of Nimbbl?

Nimbbl acts as a technology service provider by creating a link between your website/ app and the respective payment method providers or payment service providers.

The settlement will be done by your payment method provider or payment service provider. We will provide a common dashboard providing transaction reports and various other features and functionalities to enable efficient business operations at your end.

You can easily download it from the Nimbbl dashboard

Yes, customized pricing is available for business with a high transaction volume

How much will I earn by referring Nimbbl?

You’ll earn fixed best-in-industry referral commissions per transacting referral. Contact us today to get all the details.

Referral payouts will happen on an invoice basis in a monthly manner

For any individual developers/referrers, we require your company’s (or your own) name, PAN details, address proof, bank a/c details and scanned copy of the cancelled cheque

Yes, customised pricing is available for businesses with a high transaction volume

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