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Join your customer's movement towards cardless credit. Use our plug-and-play BNPL product to – set up, test and scale digital lending-compliant BNPL programs with ease.

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BNPL impact on digital commerce


Higher conversion rates vs other payment methods


Increase in average order value on purchases


Customers adopt BNPL due to its better experience


Customers eligible for fast checkout experience

*data from reports

Becoming the ecosystem’s favourite

The demand and acceptance for BNPL is growing among customers,
merchants and issuers across categories.

One-click checkout
An effortless one-click payment experience with no OTPs, logins etc
One bill and single payment by stacking up multiple smaller purchases
Credit to buy goods now & pay at a later date in full or in parts
More conversions
20% to 30% higher conversions with BNPL modes as per industry data
Increase in cart size and higher Average Order Value (AOV)
Customer acquisitions at lower costs along with more repeat purchases
Better than credit cards
Better unit economics at a transaction level as compared to mass-market credit card
Build funnel by testing alternate data models with new to credit customers
Fast online onboarding during checkout with end-to-end digital flow

BNPL benefits for banks

Cardless buy now pay later is becoming your customer’s favourite payment method. It is witnessing exponential growth and has the potential to eat into the credit card share very soon. Here’s how offering BNPL can help banks stay ahead of the digital commerce curve.


Without BNPL
Cater to next-gen shoppers
One-click checkout experience
Get higher conversion rates
Monetise existing user base
Additional revenue lines
Build a large pool of credit-worthy customers

What’s stopping BNPL growth?

There are many parts to a comprehensive BNPL program. Contextual credit discovery, product types, merchant and lender management, customers, statement generator, fees, interest, communication pipes, repayment and settlements logics are some of the many critical components of a full-service pay later program. Development, setting up, and testing can require up to many months before taking the product to the customers.

payment service provider for online business payment service provider for online business

A comprehensive, ready-to-use BNPL product

We aim to power the next generation of BNPL methods through our BNPL product. With it, banks can configure their own BNPL program in minutes and launch in weeks.

Plug and Play

Powerful no-code UI to deploy BNPL on your existing infrastructure

Easy Configurations

Add repayment, late fee and other rules along with customer communication pipes

Agile and Scalable

Speed up your go-to-market, test and scale without any core system change

Pre-built Distribution

Go live with the Nimbbl checkout merchant network or integrate with any payment system

Flexible Products

Select and enable popular BNPL types: Standing Instruction, Stackup, Balloon and more

Co-lend with NBFCs

Partnering with NBFCs for geo-expansion with state-of-the-art access controls and data pipelines.

Higher eligible users

Increase approval rates for BNPL query with smarter data controls and real-time checks

Get the Nimbbl advantage

Mobile - payment gateway integration for mobile

Zero development cost

Avoid spending time and resources on building a full-stack BNPL platform from scratch
Web - payment gateway integration for website

No maintenance effort

Free up tech bandwidth from doing monotonous code stabilisation and maintenance
Third party - payment gateway integration for ecommerce shopping carts and plugins

Minimal infrastructure changes

Deploy on your existing systems without having to shift or modify your core infrastructure
Third party - payment gateway integration for ecommerce shopping carts and plugins

Faster go-to-market launch

Configure and customise in minutes, go live in weeks with a pre-built merchant network for distribution

5 steps to starting your pay later program

  • Create a pay later product type

  • Select or create a funding partner

  • Configure repayments and statements logic

  • Add and enable the payment plans

  • Upload your customer base with limits

What will I need to start a BNPL program for my bank?
Creating a Buy Now Pay Later program (BNPL) for a bank from scratch requires intensive tech effort and time. Instead of building it out on your own, you can take the help of out-the-box products like the Nimbbl credit stack.
Nimbbl provides ready-to-use modules to launch a BNPL program with ease. It has done the heavy lifting to create modules for product types, merchant and lender management, customers, statement generator, fees, interest, communication pipes, repayment and settlements logic and more. A bank can configure its BNPL program in minutes and launch it in weeks.
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