Add Buy Now Button for WooCommerce: Top 3 Methods

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Woocommerce Buy Now button

Are you tired of losing potential customers because your WordPress website doesn’t have a buy now button? Adding this simple feature can make a significant difference in improving your sales and enhancing the buying journey for your customers. In this blog, we will review three different methods to add it.

First, we’ll discuss why it’s important to have one and how it can benefit your sales. Then, we’ll dive into the step-by-step process of using WooCommerce, implementing a one-click checkout, and, in the end, using shortcodes on your website. We’ll also cover how to overcome common challenges that come with implementing a buy now button and give you tips on ensuring compatibility across various WooCommerce payment gateways. Let’s get started on improving your online business today!

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Understanding the Importance of the Buy Now Button

The buy now button is a crucial element in the world of e-commerce as it plays a significant role in converting potential customers into paying ones. By streamlining the purchasing process and offering a quick and easy checkout option, businesses can provide their customers with a seamless buying experience.

A well-placed buy now button can reduce friction in the checkout process, eliminating any unnecessary steps or distractions that may deter customers from completing their purchases. This improves the user experience and increases the likelihood of making a sale. So, don’t underestimate the importance of this small yet powerful button.

How a Buy Now Button Improves the Buying Journey

Simplify the purchasing process with a convenient one-click buy button that reduces cart abandonment. By eliminating extra steps in the checkout process, shoppers can enjoy a seamless user experience. It redirects them directly to the checkout page, saving time and optimising the buying journey. With a quick and efficient way to make a purchase, customers can easily complete their transactions. Improve your sales process by incorporating a buy now button for a smoother buying experience.

Benefits of a Quick Buy Now Button for WooCommerce

  • Capture impulse buyers with a prominently displayed quick buy option.
  • Increase sales by enabling customers to make instant purchases, especially for time-sensitive promotions or limited-quantity products.
  • Improve customer satisfaction with a fast and convenient way to purchase, saving them time and effort.
  • Boost revenue by encouraging more spontaneous purchases and reducing cart abandonment.

Method 1: Using WordPress to Add Buy Now Button

Benefit from the flexibility and scalability of WooCommerce to cater to the unique needs of your online store. Take advantage of this method to provide a reliable platform for customers to make purchases. With the option to customise, you can ensure that it aligns perfectly with your brand’s messaging and enhances the user experience. Customise the button text and appearance to maintain brand consistency and appeal. Seamlessly integrate with popular Indian WordPress payment gateways for a secure and convenient checkout process.

Step-by-step Process of Adding Buy Now Button via WooCommerce

Start by installing and activating the WooCommerce plugin on your WordPress site. Then, navigate to the product settings and enable the buy now button option. Customise the button label and configure additional settings as needed. Save the changes and preview the product page to see it in action. Finally, test the functionality by clicking the buy now button and completing the checkout process.

Features and Flexibility with WooCommerce

When it comes to adding a buy now button for WooCommerce, one of the key features and extensions available is the ability to customise it. Not only can you integrate with third-party marketplaces and platforms like Amazon to expand your reach, but you also have the flexibility to add or remove fields in the checkout process using the WooCommerce checkout form editor. This allows you to collect specific information from customers, such as shipping addresses or emails for order updates. With comprehensive documentation and support available, WooCommerce offers a great level of features and flexibility for your online store needs. Additionally, you can use the Checkout Field Editor to further customize the fields in the checkout form, ensuring a seamless and tailored checkout experience for your customers.

Method 2: No Redirect Checkout or One-Click Checkout

Implementing a direct checkout or one-click checkout option can streamline the purchase process. By allowing customers to bypass the cart page and go directly to the checkout, you simplify the buying experience. Additionally, enabling one-click purchases for returning customers by saving their payment information or showing personalised payment methods further increases conversions during the checkout process. This not only reduces friction but also saves valuable time for your customers, leading to improved satisfaction.

How to Enable Direct Checkout for Quick Purchase

Enabling direct checkout for quick purchases on your WordPress site is a simple process. To get started:

  1. Install and activate a direct checkout plugin that is compatible with your platform.
  2. Once installed, navigate to the plugin settings and configure them to enable one-click or direct checkout.
  3. This will allow customers to bypass the cart page and proceed directly to the checkout process, saving time and streamlining the purchasing experience.
  4. Be sure to customise the button label and appearance to match your website design for a cohesive look and feel.
  5. Before making the feature live, thoroughly test its functionality to ensure a smooth user experience and address any issues that may arise.

With direct checkout enabled you’ll be providing your customers with a convenient and efficient way to make quick purchases on your site.

Advantages of One-Click Checkout for Users

One of the best ways to implement a one-click checkout option is that it significantly speeds up the purchasing process for users. By reducing the number of steps required to complete a purchase, it enhances convenience and saves valuable time. This streamlined checkout experience also helps to improve conversion rates by minimising cart abandonment. Customers appreciate the efficiency and ease of use, leading to increased loyalty and satisfaction. Simplifying the buying journey by eliminating unnecessary steps and simplifying the checkout process can optimise the overall user experience.

Method 3: Using Shortcodes for the Buy Now Button

Simply insert the shortcode in the desired location, and it will be displayed. You can customize the button text and appearance using the shortcode options, ensuring it matches your website design. Additionally, you have the flexibility to link the quick buy button to a specific product page or custom URL, providing a seamless user experience with quick purchases.

What are Shortcodes and How to Use Them?

Shortcodes in WordPress are simple codes that add functionality to websites. They allow easy addition and customization of a buy now button on any page or post. With shortcodes, creating a seamless purchasing process is quick and convenient, without the need for complex coding.

How to add a buy now button in WooCommerce without a plugin

To implement buy-now shortcodes in WordPress, start by installing and activating a WooCommerce plugin on your website. Then, create a new page or post where you want to add it. In the content editor, insert the shortcode [woocommerce_buy_now_button]. Customize the button text, link, and other parameters to fit your needs. Finally, publish or update the page/post to display it on your website. By following these steps, you can easily integrate a seamless purchasing process for your customers on a single product page.

Overcoming Common Challenges When Implementing Buy Now Buttons

One challenge is ensuring compatibility with different payment gateways to offer a hassle-free checkout experience. Additionally, testing it across various devices and browsers is crucial to ensure responsiveness. Optimising the checkout process by simplifying form fields and minimising steps can also enhance the user experience. Clear instructions and error messages help guide users through the purchasing process effectively. Lastly, regularly updating and maintaining its functionality addresses potential issues that may arise.

Ensuring Compatibility across Various Payment Gateways

When adding a buy now button to your WooCommerce store, it’s crucial to ensure compatibility across various payment gateways. Choose a WooCommerce plugin that supports multiple payment gateways, like Nimbbl.

Nimbbl Multiple Payment Gateway

Verify that it integrates seamlessly with your preferred payment gateway. Test the checkout process with different payment methods to ensure smooth transactions. Stay updated with the latest updates and patches from the payment gateway providers. Monitor and resolve any compatibility issues that may arise due to updates or changes in payment gateway APIs.

How Effective Are Buy Now Buttons in Improving Sales?

Buy now buttons have revolutionised the online shopping experience. They provide a quick and convenient purchasing option for customers, creating a sense of urgency that can lead to impulse buying. By reducing the number of steps required to complete a purchase, they streamline the checkout process and increase conversion rates.

Their visibility and prominent placement encourage immediate action from potential buyers. Enable the Buy Now button for the entire store or for each product or product category. Merchants can also choose where to direct shoppers, whether it’s their cart, the checkout page, or any custom link.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Add a Buy Now Button for WooCommerce?

It is crucial for boosting sales and revenue. It simplifies the buying process, providing a direct and convenient way for customers to make purchases. With a clear call-to-action, it enhances user experience and builds trust, ultimately leading to higher conversion rates.

How can the WooCommerce Buy Now Button improve my sales?

It is a powerful tool that can significantly improve your sales. By streamlining the checkout process and reducing cart abandonment, it allows customers to make purchases quickly and easily. With customisable options to match your website’s branding, it enhances the overall customer experience and has the potential to increase your sales.

How do I customise the add to cart button in WooCommerce?

To customise the add-to-cart button in WooCommerce, you can use CSS. Locate its class or ID using the inspect element tool. Add your custom CSS code to your WordPress theme’s style.css file or use a plugin like “Simple Custom CSS and JS.” Alternatively, you can use plugins such as “WooCommerce Customizer” or “Button Customizer for WooCommerce” for easy customisation.

Can the “buy now” button be integrated with payment gateways like Razorpay, and Nimbbl?

Yes, it is possible to integrate it with payment gateways such as Razorpay or Nimbbl. To achieve this, you can install a Nimbbl plugin which already supports your preferred payment gateway and follow the setup instructions carefully.


Adding a Buy Now button to your WordPress website can significantly enhance the buying journey and boost sales. Whether you choose to use WooCommerce, enable direct checkout, or implement shortcodes, each method offers its own unique benefits and flexibility. By streamlining the purchasing process and making it quick and convenient for your customers, you’re more likely to see an increase in conversions.

However, it’s important to overcome common challenges such as ensuring compatibility across various payment gateways. If you’re looking to optimise your website for sales, consider adding a “Buy Now” button today. Book a free consultation with our experts to learn how you can improve your online shopping experience and drive more revenue.

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