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Settlements imply the amount credited to your bank account once the transaction is successful and the sale is completed by the customer on your website /app. This settlement will be done by the payment aggregator selected by you during integration. For example, if you have integrated Razorpay on checkout, the settlement will be done by Razorpay to your bank account. The bank account details will be as per what was submitted by you during the onboarding process. settlement summary

How to Check, Filter and Download Settlement Reports

  • You can check the details of a particular settlement by clicking on the Settlement ID under the Settlement tab.
  • When a particular settlement ID is selected, the Settlement details like Settlement Date, PSP, Total Amount Settled, UTR, Sub-merchant Name, Pricing Plan, and Settled On will be displayed. Here, you’ll see the Credits and Debits tabs.
    • Credits - This includes all successful transactions.
    • Debits - This includes refunds, chargebacks and adjustments.

settlement detailed

  • To search for a particular Settlement, click on the filter icon on the top. Here you can search and filter Settlements by -
    a) Duration
    b) Date range
    c) Payment partner
    d) Submerchant
    e) Submerchant id
    f) Amount (min / max)
    g) Settlement id
    h) UTR