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Processing Refunds is an important part of your business. You can easily perform this task either through the Nimbbl Dashboard or programmatically using the Nimbbl APIs.

  • Refunds impact your settlements, so only authorised personnel in your team should be able to perform refunds
  • Once a refund transaction has been created, refunds cannot be cancelled
  • Refunds can typically take between 2 to 5 working days to reflect in your customer's account

There are 2 types of refunds

Refund TypeMeaning
full-refundThis is executed when the entire payment transaction is refunded
partial-refundThis is executed when just a part of the payment transaction is refunded

Refund from the Dashboard

If you don't have a large number of refunds to process, you can simply use the Nimbbl dashboard to process your refunds. Please refer to our detailed guide on using refunds on the dashboard.

Refund using the API

If you would like to process your refunds programmatically, you can use the API.

The following endpoint creates an order:

MethodEnd Point

To read in detail about the request, response, sample payloads and error scenarios for this API, please click here.

Refund automatically for Delayed Payments

There could be scenarios during payments, where the money is debited from your customer's account but Nimbbl hasn't received the status of the payment in real time from the payment partner. While we make all efforts to periodically check the status of the transaction, it could still be possible that a transaction remains in pending.

These transactions can become succeeded in the future and you can decide whether you want to accept this payment or not. This is totally your decision as depending upon the needs of your business, you may want to provide goods or services even if the payment is delayed.

You can set a maximum period during which, we can send you a succeeded response. This period is known as the authorisation_period. The minimum value of authorisation_period is 5 minutes and the maximum value is 5 days.

If we get the status as successful from the payment partner after the authorisation_period, we will automatically place a refund request to the payment partner and you need not execute this manually or through the API. You will be able to see these automatically refunded transactions in the dashboard with the status as reversing or reversed.

Authorisation PeriodSuccessful Response from Payment PartnerAction Taken by Nimbbl
30 minutesResponse received after 15 minsStatus will get updated to succeeded, webhook sent to you (if its configured)
30 minutesResponse received after 35 minsStatus will get updated to reversing, automatic refund request will be placed to the payment partner
  • Please reach out to us on to the configure your desired authorisation_period