Anurag Pandey CoFounder @Nimbbl. A sports lover and football fanatic who chants GGMU ???

At Nimbbl, every new day is like a new lesson – Rakshitha

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“The expert in anything was once a beginner.”

Helen Hayes

I have been lucky enough to know Rakshitha as her team lead in the past few months. She is a problem-solver. You may call her your go-to solution finder whenever a code breaks. We often have diverse discussions around making the end-user experience smoother and more personalised. Her love for User Experience and User Interfaces is not newfound – this is her way of expressing beauty through screens.

Although coding might seem to be second nature to her, she is also a creative thinker who has put her hands on stop motion animation, glass painting, and sketching (if versatility is a word, this is exactly the reason it exists).

Rakshitha is starting her career in the partner success team at Nimbbl with full excitement and energy. Proudly making her way through a totally new experience in the Fintech industry, she speaks up on how she finds motivation at work and more.

Describe your work life at Nimbbl in three words.

1. Challenging

Being a fresher and starting a career in a fintech company was always challenging for me. Getting to know about the industry, the product, and acquiring new skills relevant to the industry were among the most prominent challenges.

2. Motivating

From day 1, work at Nimbbl was and is always motivating me. Working here has always given me ample time and pushed me to acquire knowledge of fintech and how it works. It gave me a push to gain more and more knowledge. I was never demotivated in any manner of choosing this career. It added strength to my skills. 

3. Progressive

Every day is like a new lesson in Nimbbl. I am exploring, learning, and gaining new knowledge. I get to explore multiple new skills with my colleagues.

Fill in the blanks – Working at Nimbbl is –

Working at Nimbbl is like a dream come true! (You can’t sum it up in a word!)

Quoting Rakshitha

Troubleshooting and going through the API flow to check for code breaks is an adventure. 

Narrating one such adventure that happened recently, “for one of our clients, their payment page was not loading/ not redirected to the respective page. In this case, we took up the recent transactions data and segregated it into the data that is relevant for us to look further. Hotjar is one such tool where we measure the customer checkout experience. After doing the detailed analysis on why the customer is not able to pay, what could be the reason for it? what could be the possible error for this scenario? We ended with the conclusion that it was happening because of some handling that needed to be taken care of for the customers to complete the payment. Troubleshooting this was more or less like an investigation. It was fun.”

What is the thing you look forward to the most every day?

 I look for solutions and accurate analysis of issues raised by merchants.

Your favourite activity apart your role as a partner success engineer?

To get more knowledge on the product and go through the code.

Quoting Rakshitha

Ever called someone for something but totally forgot why you called them for? Or mix up details of two different cases. Well, that’s exactly what happened recently. I was handling multiple production cases simultaneously and mixed up information between two different cases. Deep into the call realised the goof-up of interchanging the solutions between the two cases. Apologised to the stakeholders. We all had a good laugh at it later.

What are your thoughts on ‘Tech for Good’?

Technology is like magic even when we know how it is done. Technology is something that fascinates everyone in this world. I strongly believe technology is living with us.

Feeling inspired by Rakshitha’s story? Nimbbl invites young candidates to explore working with our diverse team members in our engineering and other functions. Check out our careers page:

Anurag Pandey CoFounder @Nimbbl. A sports lover and football fanatic who chants GGMU ???

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